Share a plate, share a bottle, or have it all to yourself


As you know, I am Te Pa Wines #biggestfan #numberonefan #fangirl #canyouguysadopt me and so whenever they're kind enough to surprise me with my favourite drops from them, I go all out to make sure what we're eating with their wines is delicious and compliments it perfectly.


An Attempt at Matching Wine with Roasted Pumpkin Slaw

The Food Nest NZ creates a simple but flavoursome coleslaw recipe using pumpkin to match with Te Pa Wines. Healthy and gluten free!

I'm not going to claim to have a huge amount of wine knowledge. I know what I like, what I don't like and I can't seem to decide if I love Pinot Gris more than Sav Blanc or not. And yet I know they're fairly different wines.