This thing is seriously cool – pun intended


Half way through my first beer using the Huski Cooler it was immediately apparent that my whole life was a lie. MY BEERS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WARM!!


My Food Bag – Making Gluten Free Dinner Easy


As you know, because I went on and on about it, last week was Coeliac Awareness week and guess what? My pals at My Food Bag were kind enough to send me their Gluten Free My Food Bag to trial throughout the week, and now here I am reporting back to you with my gluten… Continue reading My Food Bag – Making Gluten Free Dinner Easy

This years Food Show was the best one yet

I'm sure by now you know I am a huge fan of The Food Show and my chatter about it leading up to the event doesn't stop. And what do you know, the day finally came! I dragged my best friend and fellow food lover Peggy along for the ride. I'm really lucky that I have… Continue reading This years Food Show was the best one yet

The last BBQ before winter sets in


WINTER IS HERE - as of Saturday, daylight savings hit us again. No more sitting outside in the sun until 9pm - it's warm fires and red wine from here on in. So to say goodbye to summer, we did what any typical kiwi would do - lit up the BBQ. And on the menu?… Continue reading The last BBQ before winter sets in