A basic cookie for the basic baker

They say practice makes perfect, and boy oh boy I am learning this is true. I've mentioned before I am absolutely rubbish when it comes to baking cookies, but slowly, I am nailing it. Slowly.....


Rosé all day everyday

Sip Rose NZ Week with The Food Nest NZ and Te Pa Wines Recipe

I've always loved a fruity white wine in summer. In 29 degree weather (we've had three 29 degree days in Christchurch can you believe it?!) there's nothing better than sitting down with a cold glass of wine at the end of a long hot day.

My Top 5 Kitchen/Cooking Hacks – You Cant Live Without Them

I’m all about shortcuts. Which when I think about it is kinda weird, because I can be quite a control freak who is early for everything, hate things being missed, fret over small stuff, you get the idea. But - I love a good shortcut. Or is it that I just like to make things easier… Continue reading My Top 5 Kitchen/Cooking Hacks – You Cant Live Without Them

Rocket, Carrot and Honey Salad

Carrot, Rocket and Chickpea Salad Recipe The Food Nest NZ

BEEEEEEEES! Whenever I see one, I panic, I run the other way. I think they are so so cute BUT due to my inability to wear shoes as a kid (as in I’d wear them half way on the walk to school, take them off and run around barefoot all day) I was stung A LOT. You know that scene in Jackass 3 where they hang out with a beekeeper? It scares the pants off me.

Dairy Free Instant Pudding with Stir It Up

Mondays - a day which we should not have to participate in. Wouldn't you agree? Thankfully, someone discovered coffee, and I am pretty sure I've had about four cups today. Yep, call me crazy, actually no, call me lucky, because I am one of the lucky ones who gets to have milk in her coffee!… Continue reading Dairy Free Instant Pudding with Stir It Up