Brownie Balls with Rich Nutrients


I won’t scream from the rooftops saying I am the healthiest eater in the world. Quite frankly, from time to time I do binge eat and when I do, it can go so so terribly wrong. However, lately I’ve been trying really hard to save money and the fact of the matter is – snack food is expensive. And it’s not entirely good for you, is it?


An event I enjoy more than my birthday + giveaway!

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Every year since moving to Christchurch, I've blocked out one weekend in April in the calendar. Why? BECAUSE THE FOOD SHOW COMES TO CHRISTCHURCH! Growing up in a small town meant I missed out on events like this, so I am really making the most of the fact I can now go.

Win! 1x box of Justine’s Minis from Best Beverage Co

I am SO SO lucky to make the friends I do! Thanks to Best Beverage Co, one lucky Food Nest reader will win a box of these DELICIOUS Justine's Mini Protein Cookies. These are a rocking little cookie with no added sugar, they're gluten free and with flavours like Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Choc Chip,… Continue reading Win! 1x box of Justine’s Minis from Best Beverage Co

The Food Nest Has A New Look!

And here it is! Welcome to my new website/blog. I managed to bring over most of my recipes and content, but if you're looking for something in particular, just ask! All recipes on are my own. I have adapted them myself and I try my best to cater to everyone, whether you're gluten free… Continue reading The Food Nest Has A New Look!

The Food Show – Christchurch – Win with The Food Nest NZ!

This is undeniably my favourite food event of the year, other than my birthday where I get to pick where we eat/whatever we eat - with no arguments. It is where some of New Zealand's finest chefs and food retailers, gather together and give consumers a great day out (or in my case sometimes two)… Continue reading The Food Show – Christchurch – Win with The Food Nest NZ!

Lemon Honey Custard Slice – Featuring Manuka South Lemon Honey

Gluten Free Lemon Honey Custard Slice recipe created by The Food Nest NZ for NZ Health Food Co Christchurch and Manuka South Honey NZ

  Since I began living a gluten free lifestyle, I've discovered there are many foods I find myself missing more than ever before. One of those foods is none other than a good old Custard Slice. Now, as I am sure most of you know, a 'true' Custard Slice base and top is made from… Continue reading Lemon Honey Custard Slice – Featuring Manuka South Lemon Honey