Be Dinner Ready

I had someone mention to me awhile ago that they couldn't believe some of the things we have for dinner. How do you get inspired? What makes you decide to have that for dinner? How on earth can you be so organised? Truth be told, I am not perfect and we do sometimes order pizza… Continue reading Be Dinner Ready


The Food Show – Christchurch – Win with The Food Nest NZ!

This is undeniably my favourite food event of the year, other than my birthday where I get to pick where we eat/whatever we eat - with no arguments. It is where some of New Zealand's finest chefs and food retailers, gather together and give consumers a great day out (or in my case sometimes two)… Continue reading The Food Show – Christchurch – Win with The Food Nest NZ!

Pear Crumble Cake with Chantal Organics Grainola

I've said it before with my fruit posts and I'll say it again - I am not a fan of cooked fruit. But my biggest problem is that I absolutely LOVE the flavour of crumble. I could honestly eat the top off a crumble in bucket loads. Chantal Organics were kind enough to send me… Continue reading Pear Crumble Cake with Chantal Organics Grainola

Gluten Free Baking – What I Wish I Had Known Years Ago

When I started living a gluten free lifestyle, I didn't do any research. I look back and I wonder to myself, why didn't I? A bit of advice and guidance could have saved me a lot of time and money (we all know being GF isn't the cheapest) Honestly, gluten free baking has probably been… Continue reading Gluten Free Baking – What I Wish I Had Known Years Ago

Orange Friday 2016 – Candied Orange Slices

Today is Orange Friday - a day for our country to create awareness and stand up against domestic abuse. It's everywhere. You may not even know it - someone you know may be or may have suffered, it's more common than you think. On average, New Zealand Police will answer a domestic abuse call every… Continue reading Orange Friday 2016 – Candied Orange Slices