Feeling hot hot hot


There are two of us in this house, and only one of us likes soup. IT'S ME, I LOVE SOUP. So I tend to make smaller batches, and keep it in the fridge for lunch. BUT. Two of us in this houseĀ love hot food. LOVE IT. Mexican is one of our biggest go to eats and I am pretty sure one day we will both look like chillies.


Baked chicken with sweet potato

Baked chicken with sweet potato Chantel Organics

Winter - I'm not sure how I feel about you sneaking up on me like this. As much as I prefer the cold (it's easier to warm up than it is too cool down in my opinion) it's still a shock to the system walking outside and feeling that cold blast on your face in… Continue reading Baked chicken with sweet potato

Pear Crumble Cake with Chantal Organics Grainola

I've said it before with my fruit posts and I'll say it again - I am not a fan of cooked fruit. But my biggest problem is that I absolutely LOVE the flavour of crumble. I could honestly eat the top off a crumble in bucket loads. Chantal Organics were kind enough to send me… Continue reading Pear Crumble Cake with Chantal Organics Grainola