Fundamental advice for the holidays

The act of disconnecting to improve your health goes a lot deeper than just being present around Christmas time as well. ...


A simple guide to WTF gluten is


It's lunchtime. As routine, me and my friend Rhiana are messaging and talking about our lunches. We do this most days because food is life. Rhi's having noodle canteen and is chatting away about how much she loves udon noodles. #Noods

My Top 5 Kitchen/Cooking Hacks – You Cant Live Without Them

I’m all about shortcuts. Which when I think about it is kinda weird, because I can be quite a control freak who is early for everything, hate things being missed, fret over small stuff, you get the idea. But - I love a good shortcut. Or is it that I just like to make things easier… Continue reading My Top 5 Kitchen/Cooking Hacks – You Cant Live Without Them