A simple guide to WTF gluten is


It's lunchtime. As routine, me and my friend Rhiana are messaging and talking about our lunches. We do this most days because food is life. Rhi's having noodle canteen and is chatting away about how much she loves udon noodles. #Noods


This years Food Show was the best one yet

I'm sure by now you know I am a huge fan of The Food Show and my chatter about it leading up to the event doesn't stop. And what do you know, the day finally came! I dragged my best friend and fellow food lover Peggy along for the ride. I'm really lucky that I have… Continue reading This years Food Show was the best one yet

A food blogger needs a kitchen

As first time home owners we had a really open mind going into the property market. We knew what we could afford so our expectations weren't through the roof. We wanted something we could have a bit of fun with, with lots of space (somewhere for him, somewhere for her) but we didn't want something that was going to be too hard or too expensive long term.