Christmas time, it’s almost time for wine

Alright, to be quite honest, I don’t really do posts like this. At times I think to myself “does anyone really ever read these?” So, a vote was cast on Instagram and people said they’d for sure read this, that they needed the help and now here we are and here it is – my Christmas gift guide for the foodie in your life.

I’ll keep it as simple as I can. I’ll try and make sure some of the options are affordable – because let’s be honest, things for foodies are generally eeeexpensive.

You’ll see some of my fave brands feature on this. Note – this post is NOT sponsored in the slightest. Everything in here is either something I already own or love, have tried, or am dying to try.

Let me start off with….


So I am going to vouch for this 100% – The Capital Kitchen Element Cast Iron Saute Pan. A recent addition to our kitchen and one that doesn’t go into the pantry AT ALL because it’s JUST THAT GOOD. It comes in a couple of different sizes and colours and it can be used on all stovetops and even in the oven – it’s one of those ‘no regret’ purchases.

Keep an eye for it on sale, I paid about $90 for mine.

RRP $ 139.99

6Pack Christmas Case.jpg

And now… Winefriend!

You might have seen people talking about the ultimate mate in their life – Winefriend. Basically, it’s a subscription wine box – I tried it for myself about two months ago, I think I paid roughly $120 for six wines and there was only ONE in the box I didn’t like – that’s gotta be good right? Anyway, they do a Christmas gift box that would be perfect for the wine lover in your life.

RRP $109-$169

106425-clr-4pc-11534737511Right next up… Nood!

One of my fave shops in the world, they sell a range of homewares for anyone and everyone. My pick? These champagne glasses. I am addicted to wine glasses, I own too many, but I need these in my collection. NEED.

RRP $29.99 (they’re on sale right now)


Ok, this is a new brand I’ve recently been introduced to – meet Kete Koha. They create artisan food boxes that feature producers from NZ and the South Pacific only. Ranging from $44 to $120, boxes feature anywhere from 6 to 8 full sized items and in the larger box, you even get a regional wine. Cool, cool, cool.


This one’s a pretty one… BLUSH VODKA!

As you guys may know, I am absolutely in LOVE with Blush Gin. So much so I attempted to make a cocktail for them here.

A few weeks ago they released this beauty – BLUSH VODKA. For the vodka-loving (or gin loving) cocktail connoisseur or foodie in your life – this is the perfect drop to slip into their stocking.

RRP $85 – stockists listed here.

9781760555467How about….something for the bookshelf?

Recently published by the QUEEN that is Georgeats, FODMAP Friendly Cookbook caters to almost every dietary requirement you can think of while making sure that food still tastes damn damn good.

RRP $28.50 – here


For your travelling foodie, we have….

If you’re not from Christchurch, but you find yourself here over the summer holidays – I honestly think this would be the perfect gift for your travelling foodie. Christchurch Tramway Restaurant!

Christchurch Tramway Restaurant recently hosted us for a four-course dinner and we were WOW’d by just how fantastic this experience is. The service is impeccable, the food is mouthwatering (above is our entree of beef carpaccio) and it’s a pretty fun experience to travel through Christchurch as the sun goes down.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 6.42.01 PM.png

Alright now, this one is too pretty to eat but I had to include it because..well… it’s something I want. Meet Manea Fluer! The most beautiful flower delivery boxes, available in Christchurch. As well as flower boxes, there are sweet boxes too. So technically, you’ve got the foodie in your life covered there too.

Shop here.

Other things worth mentioning

  • How about a custom made knife from CW Works?
  • Or maybe some custom made tableware from Wundaire?
  • Maybe they love heat? Culleys are selling an epic gift pack this year
  • There are my mates at Huski – they do some pretty neat tumblers and beer coolers. They also have a wine cooler coming out next year!
  • You could make them a ‘how about all these salts’ box – track down different styles of salts and make a wee gift pack for them!
  • Or how about a White Gold Drip Mug from Claybird?

Hopefully some of these ideas help. And if they don’t – let me know, I have more tricks up my sleeve.


Let me know what you think!

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