Brownie Balls with Rich Nutrients

I won’t scream from the rooftops saying I am the healthiest eater in the world. Quite frankly, from time to time I do binge eat and when I do it can go so so terribly wrong (like chocolate, chips, dip, rolling on the floor can’t get up kinda wrong)

However, lately I’ve been trying really hard to save money and the fact of the matter is – snack food is expensive. And it’s not entirely good for you, is it?

So that’s where this recipe has come from. Between myself and my friends at Rich Nutrients, who sell some pretty top-notch good for you ingredients, I’ve been able to test away in my kitchen and come up with a tasty, what I would consider to be pretty cost effective, and of course, what I’m hoping is a healthier snack/better option for people snacking.

About Rich Nutrients

Rich Nutrients is based out of Wellington and is owned by the lovely Anna, who has recently purchased the business. She loves sourcing products from all over, and keeping everyone up to date with what is current and new in the health and wellness sector.

Rich Nutrients stocks items and brands like Ceres Organics, Eco Tan, Bobs Red Mill and this one is new and really different – Crawlers! What is Crawlers? Click here to find out.


Here’s what you’ll need:

1 large Carrot – blended into small pieces
2 tablespoons of Small Batch Super Butter
2 tablespoons of Ceres Raw Cacao
1 tablespoon of coconut sugar (or honey, to be honest if you’re not a huge sweet fan, you could omit this)
1 cup of Bobs Red Mill almond Flour

Once you have blended the carrot into small pieces, in a large bowl combine all of your ingredients. Once the mix is fully combined, roll into small balls. This mix makes up to 12.

Once rolled, you can roll these in either coconut, or even the Bobs Red Mill almond flour! (which is what I did) Then pop them into a container and store in the freezer. You can store them in there for as long as you need to and take them out as you need them! Perfect snack, am I right?



Rich Nutrients have kindly given me a jar of Small Batch Super Butter and a packet of Crawlers Cricket Flour to give away to one lucky Food Nest reader.

Simply tell us in the comments what Crawlers is made from, and you’re in the draw!
Winner will be announced on 07/08/2017.

T’s &C’s

NZ Residents only. One entry per person. Winner must contact The Food Nest within 48 hours of being drawn, otherwise the prize will be redrawn.

Thank you to Rich Nutrients for gifting me these items to cook with. Please note, this post is not sponsored.


31 thoughts on “Brownie Balls with Rich Nutrients

  1. Crickets! Apparently high in protein and sustainable farming.
    My 9yr old niece has been asking me to do some baking with her using this flour, so winning some would help make that happen. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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