Skinspiration Is Inspiration

SKINSPIRATION is for the modern woman who wants to holistically improve her health, her skin and her life, using meditation, yoga, nutrition, skin care and hand blended products. 

I’m never going to claim I am a beauty guru. Up until recently I’ve owned approx 4 different types of skincare products, all by different brands and all of which I am terrible at using. Apparently this is normal and Romy from The Beauty Elixir totally gets it.

Romy’s beauty philosophy is simple, that real beauty shines and radiates from the inside out, when you feel happy, relaxed and connected to yourself.

We first meet on FaceTime and go through a series of questions in which I end up shoving my face right into the camera saying see? See? Thankfully she is super passionate about what she does and isn’t shocked my head filling up her screen.

We talk about the foods I eat and don’t eat, what vitamins I take, how I feel in general and she hits me with “so do you think you could give up dairy?” I say sure, I only have it in coffee anyway! And then that night while I am making dinner I realize I’ve just thrown in a cup of cheese into the dish and this is going to be harder than I thought after all.


Skinspiration is an 8 week program and if you say you don’t have time for it, then I reckon it’s definitely the program for you. Because lets be honest, we need to be making time for ourselves.

Here’s what I learnt over the course of the 8 week Skinspiration program:

  • Self care is SO important. You can’t function 100% if you’re looking after yourself properly, it’s as simple as that – go for a walk, sit down for ten minutes, close your eyes and tune out – it makes the world of difference.
  • Food is fuel, food can help you lose weight, gain weight, I’m sure you know what food is for. But I had no idea just how much food affects the skin. NO IDEA
  • Skincare doesn’t have to be OTT or complicated. Romy gave me three different products to work with, and 8 weeks later I am still using them daily – and I’m enjoying it!
  • DRINK WATER! And if you think you’re drinking enough, the chances are you should probably be drinking a bit more than that
  • Support is 90% of the reason why people succeed. What do I mean by this? The Skinspiration private group Romy has established is a place where we could all safely chat about how we were feeling, what we needed help with, what we were doing well with – it made it so much easier to do things like detoxing, when you knew someone else was going through it too.

If you’re wondering if Skinspiration is right for you, then I honestly think you need to flick Romy an email and arrange a time to consult with her. She’s clever at what she does, and she really does spend a lot of time making sure we’re all looked after, all while looking after herself, I don’t know how she does it! (well actually, I have a slight idea of how she does it, cough Skinspiration cough)

Now –  I know this is what you’re really here for . The shameless selfie, the before, the after. I AM SO BAD AT THESE PHOTOS SO LOOK AT MY SKIN NOT MY EXPRESSIONS! (hahaha) By the way – in both photos I am not wearing makeup. None.

Also, I wont claim to have had the worst skin in the world, I mostly battled with redness and pimples around the mouth – can you see any difference? Because I can.

*This is not a sponsored post. My participation to this program was gifted but all thoughts within the review are my own.

2 thoughts on “Skinspiration Is Inspiration

  1. I can definitely see the difference. I always complain about my skin, but yet I’m not sure if I could be committed enough to give up my favourite things for it…so it can’t be that bad. I’m just over having pimples at 26!

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