My Food Bag – Making Gluten Free Dinner Easy

As you know, because I went on and on about it, last week was Coeliac Awareness week and guess what? My pals at My Food Bag were kind enough to send me their Gluten Free My Food Bag to trial throughout the week, and now here I am reporting back to you with my gluten free foodie findings.

Recommended by Coeliac NZ – the gluten free food bag comes with 5 recipes, lots of fresh ingredients and feeds up to a family of 5. It’s RRP? $179.


Let me start off by firstly saying, I like to cook, I like to shop and I don’t really mind sifting through recipe books for hours on end looking for the perfect meal – but I do know not everyone is a mad foodie like me. That is where I think My Food Bag is perfect.

It gives the everyday person, the ability to get into the kitchen and try new things without the stress of hunting down ingredients and recipes. The recipes are easy to follow, and even better? They’re super tasty.

Here are my top five big ups to the Gluten Free My Food Bag

  • Everything that arrives is SUPER fresh. We had fish on the first night and it was absolutely mouth watering
  • You get to have things you may not necessarily try on your own – i.e for us it was the Falafel!
  • Two of the recipes that arrived were express meals, dinner was sorted in less than half an hour on two very stressful and crazy days
  • Leftovers galore – in our house, there’s only two of us, and with a bag that feeds up to 5, we didn’t have to grocery shop for the entire week – so in my mind that equals huge value for money
  • Education – if you’re not much of a cook, you get to learn new techniques in the kitchen that you’ll be able to carry on using even when you’re not cooking with My Food Bag
  • They don’t make gluten free boring – they really go out of their way to make sure what they are putting into the Gluten Free My Food Bag is satisfying. Because lets face it, being gluten free can be really boring sometimes

Alright, alright, already, that was SIX reasons – but I really enjoyed the bag, so why not share the joy with you all!?

And of course, because I know you’re dying to know! A big congratulations to Myles Derham who has won one My Gluten-Free Bag voucher, valued at $179.00!! Please get in touch with me to claim your prize.


Have you tried My Food Bag before? What did you think of it? And hey, if you haven’t – head to My Food Bag and have a nosey around, they really do have something for everyone.

*Thank you to My Food Bag for kindly gifting me a bag to trial


2 thoughts on “My Food Bag – Making Gluten Free Dinner Easy”

  1. Yes I have! A whole weeks worth of lovely meals! I really enjoyed the flavours of the coconut rice, and kebabs with peanut sauce. Delish!

    Liked by 1 person

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