January and February were busy but I still made time for brunch 

Remember back in December I told you I’d start showing you things I’ve bought, things I like, things I’ve done over the course of a month, etc etc.

Well, here it is. If you want me to shut up about my boring life now is the time to speak up. Otherwise, keep reading.

I’m throwing Jan and Feb into the same post, as I was so busy in Jan I completely forgot to do a post. While life has been busy, man it’s been good. I started trying to live healthier, make better changes and generally just start living outside of my comfort zone.

First up.

I’m sure you remember that we went Beerfest in Jan. Check out this awesome photo of me from our mate Bevan at Triebels Photography. Bevan takes wicked photos at events such as Beerfest and Electric Ave, as well as local gigs (we spotted him last Friday night at Wunderbar where my partners band Sex Beard were playing)

The Great Kiwi Beerfest Christchurch Triebals Photography

To see more of Bevan’s work head to Facebook or Instagram.

Back in January, a friend and I challenged ourselves to go and try a new brunch place. We’re pretty set on always going to the same old places, so much so we couldn’t decide where to go and drove around and around for over an hour to find somewhere – thankfully we found ten 27.

Ten 27 Eatery Review Ferrymead Eggs Benedict

Located in Ferrymead (where there isn’t a lot of decent cafes/restaurants in my opinion) you’ll walk into a really well designed, modern space.  It’s inside the same building as Casual and Country, which is a gorgeous homewares/living store (that I wish I could furnish my whole house with)

Meal wise – Ten 27 are serving fresh and tasty food. I had the Pulled Pork Shoulder and boy I am so glad I did. The crisp potato, perfectly poached egg, watercress, chorizo crumble with a mustard hollandaise leaves your taste buds completely satisfied. I’m happy to announce my breakfast experience was a solid 8/10.

And guess what, the coffee is A++ – as in would drive there for one easily. They do dinner too, so I’m going to lure the boyfriend there.

And lastly, let me introduce you to Walk On. Created by 21-year- old entrepreneur Lucas Smith, Walk On is Merino Wool Blister Protection. What? No more plasters? I KNOW.

I purchased some new shoes and wandered about in them and whaddya know? Blister city. Then I remembered I had been sent Walk On and thought, hey, I know they’re not tramping boots, but surely I can still give this a go?

Walk On Merino Blister Protection New Zealand

I popped some between my ankle and my shoe (if you’re wearing boots, you put a sock over the top of it) it created extra padding and stopped the shoe rubbing against my heel. Sweet relief. You can also pop it between your toes, wrap it across the top of your foot, the options for it are endless. Did I mention I left a plaster on one part of my foot and it fell off?

Do you know what I like most about Walk On though? It’s ethically farmed and biodegradable. Also because I have little feet and wont be using it for tramping, it will last me ages.

Walk On – RRP: $18.99 – you can buy online here

Catch you again in March!


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