Two guys, a girl and a beer festival

When we moved to Christchurch 3 years ago, we made the most of going to as many events as we could. There’s nothing better than getting out and exploring when you move to a new town and it’s even better if you can do it with a cold beverage and good friends.

Keep up with tradition, we (and by we I mean myself, my partner and his pal) headed along to our third Beer Festival and boy oh boy, three is a charm for sure.

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival in the past has been held in April, so it’s always been pants and jacket weather. This year, the most exciting thing happened. They moved the event to January. And boy oh boy am I glad they did. Because summer FINALLY arrived.

Note to self, pack sunscreen next time. Ouch.

For those who are beer drinkers, I recommend planning your day ahead or at least flicking through the map before you start. Set yourself the rule of only tasting what you’ve never had before. Why? Every year the breweries get more creative than the year before! Sour Blueberry beer anyone? If you’re not a beer drinker, there is always a variety of ciders and usually one or two wine companies floating about as well. Hello Giesen Wine-Cider, I am looking at you.

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival Christchurch NZ The Food Nest NZ

If you’re not a big drinker, but you’re heading along for the social aspect – let me tell you right now you’ll enjoy the music, there’s usually a few food demonstration/seminars and even better – the food they have on offer throughout the day is so tasty (I say this even though I do recall a few people tasting Locusts)

For now – in my usual fashion. A collection of iPhone photos to show you just how much of a great day it was.

Let me start with my favourite photo of the day. Hey Josh!

The Food Nest NZ Josh Emmet Masterchef

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival Christchurch NZ The Food Nest NZ


The Great Kiwi Beer Festival Christchurch NZ The Food Nest NZ Deep Creek Brewing

Oh and I bet you’re wondering what our group favourite of the day was? Let me introduce you to Deep Creek’s Gin and Lime Double IPA. Gin in beer? Genius.


3 thoughts on “Two guys, a girl and a beer festival”

  1. I know the Deep Creek Brewer and he says it’s one of the best, if not the best beer that he’;s brewed, he smiles like a cheshire cat. Also the Lupulin effect will be ongoing 🙂


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