Lit as a Christmas tree

Ok so it’s no secret that I love shopping. Especially for food. Makeup comes next, then anything related to my dogs is a close third.

Not lying, Jackson has more toys than I have shoes.

I am also lucky enough to be given things by really lovely brands. Let me just say straight up – this isn’t me bragging. I want to be completely honest with you as readers! So because of my shopping habits and the lovely things I get gifted, every month I’m going to round up for you things I like, places I like, things I enjoy. Hopefully it’s of some use to you.

Feel free to tell me if it isn’t. Seriously. If I need to shut up I will.

First up. I met team at The Sisters Wine back in December 2015 when they asked me to do a few recipes over Christmas. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! And since then we’ve kept in touch.

They do say the best friendships start over a bottle or two of wine… or is that just me?

Dress for Success, The Sisters Wine, The Food Nest

The Sisters Wine do an amazing job at celebrating and empowering women, making great wine and supporting great causes. One of those causes is Dress for Success. If you’d like to know more I recommend you head here and have a read –

Right now you can purchase TSW’s from Countdown or New World and 50c of your purchase will go to Dress for Success. Neat right?

Next up. Bruch at Under the Red Verandah. This is about a 4 minute walk from my house (I drove ok, don’t judge me) it’s right in the middle of Linwood, – about 5 minutes from the CBD. We were lucky enough to be sat at what we nicknamed “the secret table”. To paint a picture for you because I forgot to take one – it’s this gorgeous set up out the back surrounded by lush trees and herbs which I am 90% sure they use in their dishes.

Breakfast at Under the red verandah in Christchurch The Food Nest NZ

One thing I love about UTRV is how the staff are super friendly and how accomodating the dishes are. If you have a specific dietary requirement, I can guarantee there is probably something there for you to eat.

I ordered the Brunch Scramble. For me, this dish is all about the hunks of Chorizo through it. Also, if you love basil and roasted veges, this dish is for you. I’d rate them a solid 8/10 – my egg was slightly overdone but next time I’m just going to ask for a runnier egg. Easy!

Under The Red Verandah

Brunch Scramble: New potatoes, green beans, olives, red onions, chorizo, and bacon all pan seared and tossed through pesto, and topped with a poached egg.

And last but not least is my recipe of the month. My best friend was visiting us before he moved to Melbourne, and I made a joke one Sunday afternoon that we should have a skillet cookie for dinner.

Martha Stewart Skillet Cookie Recipe made by The Food Nest NZ in December 2016

Next thing you know, we’re making a cookie. A HUGE cookie.

My cookie is adapted from a recipe by good old Aunty Martha. Except it’s gluten free (I use Edmonds GF flour just FYI) and it’s FULL of marshmallows. Nom nom nom CALORIES.

Smother it in ice cream or cream, serve it warm. I promise you, you wont regret it.

Well that’s it from me for the month of December. I hope you have an amazing Christmas and New Year . Just FYI we’re driving from Christchurch to the Waikato so I promise you my January post will be something pretty special!

(Plus I’m spending new years eve with Rhiana so as you can imagine, there will be a story or selfie or two there)


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