An attempt to break up with Cheeseballs

I can honestly say I am not a health food blogger. Why? I love carbs, I love sweet stuff, I LOVE FOOD. But – I do eat as healthy when and where I can and I am all for finding better ways to snack.

I say this as I recall sitting down with a bag of gluten free cheese balls a few days ago for afternoon tea.

I find healthy snacks really tough – I don’t want to always have carrot sticks, or an apple. Sometimes I want to actually enjoy what I am eating and not feel too healthy.

Chime in Good Grazing – Healthy Snack Boxes. A healthy snacking revolution.


It arrived on my doorstep and my first words when I opened it were “oh wow, there is so much in here” and then I realised, I didn’t even know where to start. I thought, yes, I’ll eat that bag of pistachios first.

Then I spotted a wee empty container. Why is it empty? Ahhhhhhhhh I see. They’re trying to teach me portion control. (Note: I wouldn’t know how to control my portions if my life depended on it)

I put the whole bag of pistachios down.

The fact sheet gives me a clear idea of how to make my snacks last. I’m advised to not eat all three crackers if I add toppings to them, that one is enough (wish me luck) Also, they have a nutritionist working with them to ensure that they’re giving out the right snacks and information, which I give them big ups for because the advice I am getting is actually qualified, nice.

I did some rough math in my head and I actually think there’s quite a bit of value in this monthly subscription service. If I went out and brought snacks of any kind, I know I’d spend more than $44 for sure (if you order a year’s sub, you’re looking at $40 a box) And the things that are in this box, they’re actually not cheap items. For example, I think I paid $4 for a packet of the Venerdi Paleo Crackers I love so dearly at the Gluten Free Show last month? (so worth it by the way)

The day after I got the box I hit the typical 2 – 3pm slump. By slump I mean my keyboard was a pillow. I stare at my Good Grazing box for about 5 minutes before I settle on a Tom and Luke Black Forest Bite.

Good Grazing Box NZ The Food Nest

NOT BAD – not bad at all. Kind of wish it was a bit bigger than 25grams but then I remember PORTIONS Ashleigh. Good Grazing are teaching me some valuable lessons here.

Other notable items include crackers by Make it Raw, a can of Coconut Water, a variety of nuts by White Heart, and some bits and pieces from Clean Paleo and Ceres Organics.

How many of these brands had I tried before getting the box? 3? I think? So I’m pretty happy I’ve been able to try new brands/food items.

I read somewhere “oh I can’t choose my snacks in this box” I’m not sure why you’d want to be honest. The fact that it’s all a big surprise makes it so much more fun.

Would I rate this? Hell yeah 8/10 for sure. Would I buy it again? Absolutely.

Want to give Good Grazing a try? They’ve given me a promo code! Simply chuck “nest” in at the checkout and you’ll receive $5 off a box or a one off sub – nice one.


Let me know what you think!

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