My Top 5 Kitchen/Cooking Hacks – You Cant Live Without Them

I’m all about shortcuts. Which when I think about it is kinda weird, because I can be quite a control freak who is early for everything, hate things being missed, fret over small stuff, you get the idea. But – I love a good shortcut. Or is it that I just like to make things easier for myself? I’ll get back to you on this one.

For me cooking is mostly about the outcome. Yes I love to cook, but boy do I love to eat. So some days I really need the cooking part to speed up so I can enjoy the meal. Same goes for wine/beer – get cold fast, I wanted you half an hour ago.

Here are my TOP 5 kitchen/cooking shortcuts which are sure to make your cooking life a lot easier. I know, you’ve probably seen them all before..


Grab a large jar, and add your flours and spices to it. Shake it all up and store (write the date on it so you know when you prepped it) whenever you’re making fried chicken, fish, etc, you now have it all ready to go and you’re bound to waste less (nothing worse than tipping out copious amount of flour)


Don’t want your hands to smell like the herbs your cutting? Or garlic? Ginger? Hell, even bacon? Dedicate a couple of pairs of kitchen scissors to do these jobs for you.

I’ve even seen someone cut steak with scissors…not even kidding…

Stock photo


Ok, I cannot take the credit for this one. My partner calls it “supercharging” you basically wet a bunch of paper towels, wrap them around the beer/wine and throw it in the freezer. Give it 10 or so minutes and you have the coldest beer of all time.

Please don’t tell me we’re the only ones who do this?


Example: If you have broccoli that’s on its last legs, boil or steam it – kill off any bacteria etc. from the fridge and then pack it up really airtight and freeze it. Same goes for vegetables like beans and peas, corn on the cob…

Note: you cannot freeze broccoli or cauliflower raw. You must cook it.

Things like bacon, chicken – chuck it in a pan, cook it, cool it off completely and package it up for later on.


In our house it tends to go “hey, need help” yes, chop this. Grate this. I cannot be trusted with a grater (and I hate grating) so I tend to fob these smaller jobs off to my partner. He now goes on and on about how good he is at chopping and that chopping is his job, but little does he know that I SHAPED him into the chopper that he is today.

And hey, while he’s dicing and stirring, you’re pouring a wine and having a break. Not a bad hack if I must say so myself.

What’s a hack or shortcut that you can’t live without? Have you unlocked a magical secret in the kitchen that you feel like you can share with the world?

Honorable mentions: 

  • Open a jar with a can opener – figured this one out when I was living alone and couldn’t get into a pickle jar
  • Buy a potato ricer for a better mashed potato
  • Replace butter with coconut oil for a healthier dish
  • Add vinegar to your boiled water for a fab poached egg
  • Use a rice cooker to cook more than just rice – quinoa is a good one to try in it!

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