Dairy Free Instant Pudding with Stir It Up

Mondays – a day which we should not have to participate in. Wouldn’t you agree? Thankfully, someone discovered coffee, and I am pretty sure I’ve had about four cups today. Yep, call me crazy, actually no, call me lucky, because I am one of the lucky ones who gets to have milk in her coffee! That’s right, a big splash of good old dairy.

Stir it up milks

I can have dairy without repercussions, however some people can’t. I have a friend who since she has cut out dairy, she’s managed to clear up acne, while some people with IBS like me find dairy is their trigger. I bet you probably know someone who is lactose intolerant, and if you don’t, you at least know what it is.

Now I know you know I am all for trying new things, so when I was sent the new Coconut and Soy milk powders by Stir It Up, I knew I had to do something fun with them, instead of making a drink, or smoothie.

From Stir It Up:
Stir It Up features a mix of gluten-free, non GMO and organic ingredients and are all dairy-free with a significantly higher content of plant-based ingredients than tetra-pak milk alternatives. Stir it Up milk powders are perfect for those looking for healthier dietary options or for those with allergies.

Find more here: http://www.naturalsugars.co.nz/ 


Dairy Free Instant Pudding!

What you’ll need:
20 grams of Stir It Up Powder – I used coconut, but you could use any of their flavours
1 tablespoon of Corn Flour
1 large teaspoon of Caster Sugar
1 tablespoon of Cacao, Acai, Vanilla Powder – you pick! I’ve used Cacao

Fun Idea: Pop your ingredients in a jar and decorate however you’d like, then give it as a gift to someone who you know loves pud!

To make:
200mls of warm water
A wooden spoon, whisk and a medium sized pot

Place your water into your pot, and bring to a warm temperature. Pour in your pudding mix and whisk until blended – it will start to slowly thicken, which is when you can keep a good eye on it, and stir with your wooden spoon!

Serve warm, or pop in the fridge and indulge in it when it’s cold. It’s completely up to you!

Have a wonderful week pals, and enjoy all the pudding you can.

*products were sent to me, however all recipes, thoughts and comments are my own.

4 thoughts

  1. Would love to try it. Im gluten sensitive, dairy intolerant not just lactose and frutose sensitive and then ibs thrown into. Do you know where i can purchase these in South Australia.


  2. This looks really good – will try it this week…

    Dairy is optional for me as well but I lost a lot of weight when I cut it right back and I hard use it at all now. For coffees, try adding a half to a full teaspoon of protein powder (dairy or non-dairy) to 4 teaspoons of Stir It Up powder and 100mls of boiling water and it will froth up really well with a mechanical frother…


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