When Life Gives You Lemons

Honestly, the sayings true – everything comes in waves. HUGE TIDAL WAVES.  You get a huge dental bill, then your dog does too, then your partner says his teeth hurt too, you have events to financially commit to, you drop your iPhone on a concrete floor, stuff breaks in your house, but you own it so you can’t call the landlord for help.

Your friends go through some hell stress, they date some mega strange people, and you just think to yourself…. I am broke, sore, still broke, slightly unhealthy, tired, hungry, overloaded on coffee and now thinking, seriously? Is life going to give us all break? What do I need to change to make this easier/better?

Then my partner opens his big (but handsome) mouth and mentions what a sack of potatoes he was on the weekend, while you were away and how he wants to make some better life choices..what a dick.

And yes I know, some people have it worse. But it doesn’t mean I can’t strive for better.

Cue in what seems to be a fantastic idea…….. right now.

The Challenge:
Start Date: 1st September – I need to mentally prepare myself for this. Mr Food Nest reckons he’s going to nail this guys, so at the end of the month, come back and see if he actually DID.

  • No coffee/caffeine
  • No Wine or Cider during the week and only one night of the weekend am I allowed to drink. NO BINGE drinking!
  • No chocolate! And putting it into a pudding still counts, so no pudding either
  • No excess TV/sitting down – better cram in the last of those Scandal episodes now Ashleigh
  • This ones a big one. FOLD ALL THE WASHING. Seriously, you should see our spare room. You have to climb Mount Washington just to get two matching socks
  • Big walks –  2x a week – ok ok and one visit to the beach or a park with the dogs
  • One day a week must be all vegetables – screams internally

The Goal:

  • Get our house tidy/renovated inside and out – aka use time better
  • Become less dependent on caffeine/alchohol. I don’t think I am, but I feel like I do overconsume
  • Feel less tired, hopefully get more than 2 hours sleep in a night
  • Become more active
  • Feel more organised and feel like our weekends/nights are more productive
  • Feel better/have better energy levels
  • Save MONEY! Coffees are $6 EACH! You do the math…

Never mind this new year new me hoopla that we all go through, it’s almost September so why not start “mate you need to get it together before Christmas comes”

Have you ever detoxed your life? How did you go? What changes did you make?


16 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons

  1. Far out you are a determined woman! I admire than you have approached your detox holistically too. Our wellbeing is not just about food. There is so much clutter in our minds and when we become bogged down with stuff at home and at work, everything can become overwhelming which in turn can cause us to start the binge cycle again. Binging on food and binging on spending money buying things to make us feel better for a short time. You know I am a big fan of organisation! For me, my focus for 2017 is to keep life as simple as possible. And the only way to do this is to declutter and organise the mind, body and soul. Keep up the great work and keep taking care of you.

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  2. Sounds like a pretty good plan! We cleaned out a room in our house today. I feel like it still needs to be deep cleaned though. Ugh.

    We need to clean the rest of our house too. That’s a one step at a time kinda thing for us lol.

    Good luck!


    1. It’s funny you should mention deep cleaning the house – we’re doing that this weekend, carpet clean etc. Good luck! It’s such a big job but it feels so good when it is done x


  3. Good luck lovely! YOU CAN DO THIS! I’m detoxing my life at the moment & it’s the best thing I’ve done in awhile.
    I decided to start eating better and to get my regular workout routine back. I only drink alcohol once a week at most, and my sugar intake has been really cut down (although I do allow some!). Also cutting down on eating out/takeaways because most of that stuff makes me feel like shit anyway!
    We’ve had slip ups from time to time, hell we had 2 weeks where it all went to shit – but we sorted it out and got back to it. So if you do have some stuff ups along the way, don’t hold it against yourself – just strive to do better the next day.


    1. Oh my gosh – I know I should commit to working out too but since I busted my back I am just too scared to go all in! The wine is the one I think I am going to struggle with the most 😉 Or is it coffee? OH WHAT am I doing haha!


  4. I applaud you for not waiting till the new year. I use to always say I’ll start January first, and of course January first comes and I still don’t find myself getting started. The first step is always the hardest, specially when folding laundry is involved. You inspire me to write down what I want to accomplish this September!



    1. I feel like when we commit to something on Jan 1st, it always flops BECAUSE it’s the new year you know? You get excited and then bam.. it’s gone. There’s no time like the present I say. Let me know how you go with your sept plan!


  5. I cut out meat (except for fish) for a month and it was such a cool sense of achievement as I’d wanted to do it for years. I had some finally on the weekend, as I was being fed by friends and didn’t want to be rude, but I’m stoked to have made meat a treat 🙂


    1. That’s awkward to have spelt my own name wrong.
      Anyway, it feels rad to stick to something for a while, just don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do everything on your list!


      1. I love going meat free but sadly I have a partner who works way to hard to take it away from him haha! Good on you for being polite, I bet it was delish too 🙂

        p.s I can never type properly don’t worry


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