Salmon and Potato Cakes with Regal Marlborough Salmon

Salmon. You either love it or you hate it. I know a few people who “don’t mind it” but to be honest, if they had to live without it, they would. Me? I love the stuff. I prefer it raw and smoked, on a big cheese board or Sashimi platter. I am a sucker for fresh fish in general.

An exciting new addition to my fridge is thanks to Regal Marlborough Salmon. They’ve produced two awesome “fresh cuts”. These come in either a loin or stir fry cut, and are packaged with a 10 day shelf life (bonus) and even mega bonus – they’ve been boned, so no nasty surprises!

These cuts in my opinion are going to be great for people who want to make quick and simple, but delicious meals – and want a break from their everyday proteins like beef or chicken.

I’ve teamed up with Regal to bring you recipes using these cuts. First up is the Stir Fry Cut. Let’s get straight into it!

Salmon and Potato Fish Cakes

Here’s what you’ll need:

Two potatoes
Half pack ofRegal Marlborough Salmon (stir fry)
1 Tablespoon of Capers
1x Free Range Egg
2 – 3 Large Potatoes – MASHING ONES!!
1/4 diced White Onion
1 Tablespoon of Lemon Juice – plus some for seasoning.
1 Teaspoon of crushed Chilli
1/4 cup of Gluten Free Flour, plus some for dusting – if you’re not GF, normal is fine
Salt and pepper
Cream cheese (don’t use lite, TREAT YO SELF)

Boil your potatoes until soft – pull of the heat, mash and let them cool. Do not add butter/anything to them – mash them on their own.

Once they’ve cooled, in a large bowl, add everything! Except for the cream cheese. We save that bad boy for decorating. There is no special order – although I did add the egg last.

Once you’ve combined everything – dust a board/bench and take your mix, and roll small portions into cakes.

In a medium sized pan, on a medium heat – add butter (I tried Olive Oil and to be quite honest it didn’t work for me, plus the butter gives you this creamy flavour that adds to the whole dish) Try not to let the pan get too hot as they burn before they can actually cook! I cooked mine on each side for approx 2.5 minutes.

Remove from pan, and place on a plate on its own, or with a light salad. Drizzle a small amount of lemon juice over the cakes, along with a dollop of cream cheese.

Are you a Salmon fan? What is your favourite way to have it?


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