Lemon Honey Custard Slice – Featuring Manuka South Lemon Honey

The Food Nest NZ Gluten Free Lemon Honey Custard Slice
Gluten Free Lemon Honey Custard Slice
Gluten Free Lemon Honey Custard Slice recipe created by The Food Nest NZ for NZ Health Food Co Christchurch and Manuka South Honey NZ
Gluten Free Lemon Honey Custard Slice


Since I began living a gluten free lifestyle, I’ve discovered there are many foods I find myself missing more than ever before. One of those foods is none other than a good old Custard Slice.

Now, as I am sure most of you know, a ‘true’ Custard Slice base and top is made from Puff Pastry, but being gluten free means pastry is a no go. I’ve yet to find a gluten free pastry that I like cooking with (and eating) and I’m still working on making my own, so for now, I look for other ways to substitute it when baking particular things.

To be honest, I have contemplated making a Custard Slice for awhile, but haven’t quite had the inspiration. That’s until New Zealand Health Food Co contacted me! Ellie at NZHFC follows The Food Nest NZ and has been nothing but supportive over the last few months (thank you by the way) – so when she asked me if I wanted to try a few of their products and one of them was Manuka South’s Lemon Honey – I knew exactly what I was going to create!

This recipe is SUPER easy (I promise) and I’ve used what I call the 1 and 3 ratio – you’ll see what I mean soon. This method is great for those who want to remember what they’re doing without having to refer back and fourth to a recipe.

Here’s what you need:

For the Base:
1 cup of LSA (I used Macros from Countdown – LSA for those who don’t know is Linseed, Almond and Sunflower – blended into a fine powder)
1 cup of Gluten Free Flour (I use Edmonds, I highly recommend it)
100 Grams of Butter
1 Tblspoon of Manuka South Lemon Honey

For the Custard Topping
3 Tblspoons of Manuka South Lemon Honey
3 Tblspoons of Custard Powder of choice (Edmonds is GF and costs about $4 less than the one in the GF section)
300 mls of Full Cream

In a mixing bowl, soften Butter. Add your dry ingredients and mix until completely combined. Bake for 20 minutes, at 180 deg. Remove from the oven and set aside to cool.

In a medium sized pot, mix your Cream, Honey and Custard powder with a whisk. Place on a low heat and continue to stir until it is thickened. And by thickened, I mean it’ll be as thick as glue – it doesn’t have to be this thick, but because you’re not putting a pastry type lid on the top of this slice, you want it to be able to stand up on its own.

Spoon your mix on top of your base – and leave in the fridge overnight to set.

And there you have it, a Gluten Free Custard Slice!


The generous team at New Zealand Health Food Co have given our fabulous followers the chance to WIN an amazing cook book called ‘Natural’ and a jar of their new Manuka South Lemon Honey.

Head to The Food Nest NZ or NZ Real Health Food Co’s Facebook pages to find out more.


Let me know what you think!

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